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Recently credited as one of the best yoga teachers in the East Midlands (Leicester Mercury 2018), I have been teaching Yoga since 2005 & I am committed to making Yoga available to all who wish to practice. My aim is to help people experience Yoga as a complete mind & body practice and to assist them in developing their own practice to a level which meets their abilities and potential. I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is based on dynamic Hatha Yoga with a modern & creative edge. Through my own experience, I have found Yoga to be a transformative practice with endless benefits. I like to see results in my students and believe anything is possible.

VINYASA FLOW YOGA is a rewarding and beneficial form of Yoga which focuses on the use of the breath to help develop a balance of strength and flexibility within your own body. As a form of Hatha Yoga, this style of yoga involves the use of Vinyasa which literally means to place in a special way, consciously moving from one moment to the next, lead by the steady, audible flow of the breath. An important part of vinyasa is the use of stages or Krama which allows you to progress through your practice. It is important that you find the stage that is right for you so there is a comfortable challenge to your strength and flexibility.

My teachings are inspired by my original teacher, Anne-Marie Newland, Ervin Menyhart & Yoga Master Jason Crandell & his "Power, Precision & Mindfulness" methodology. My classes are dynamic, challenging, structured and they focus on each individuals' progression. I hope to see you at a class soon.

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.
Peace, happiness & joy to all.


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